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KOC Board Members

Board Meetings
Our board meets on Thursday before Orff’n’Running and at each workshop.  The Executive Board meets each summer prior to Orff n’ Running.

Board Membership & Training
All members of the board belong to the American Orff-Schulwerk Association.

Many of the board members have completed at least two Orff levels.
Four of our board members have completed a master class.

President                          Molli Haller
President Elect                 Linda Rohrer
Past President                  Nancy Bauer
Secretary                          Amy Jones
Treasurer                          Susan Gillespie
Program Coordinator        Jennifer Donovan

Other Board Members
Corbin Trimble
Daichi Tadokoro
Josh Yoho
Vicky Artzer
Greg Gooden
Ami Schrader
Lori Nelson
Jenny Colglazier
Abby Dunavan
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