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AOSA, our parent organization, has unified the fee structure for all local chapters.  

(The national organization directly impacts our local chapter, most notably by providing liability insurance at no cost).

  • There will no longer be a local membership fee.  To be a local chapter member (and have voting rights or serve on the board), you must be a member of our national organization AOSA ($94 per year).  

  • The requirement to join AOSA to be a local member is waived for 1st year teachers, retired teachers, and undergraduate college students (although we do encourage you to join our national organization). In addition, 1st year teachers and undergrad college students get free workshops and retired teachers have a significant discount. 

  • Regular workshop attendees who are not an AOSA member will pay a higher amount for workshops.  The additional fees assessed by KOC will be sent directly to AOSA for their operating costs.

  • If you are an AOSA member, we will be offering workshop packages this year at a discount if you pay in full.  

  • All AOSA members have one workshop guest pass they can use per year to invite a teacher for free who’s never attended a KOC workshop before.

  • Below is a table outlining the new fee structure including the AOSA changes.

Untitled presentation (2)_edited.jpg

Kansas Orff Chapter Workshops are open to anyone interested in learning about the Orff Schulwerk model.

You do not need Orff Schulwerk certification to attend any of our workshops! Each workshop is designed to provide participants with the opportunity to engage in the learning activities. Detailed notes are provided so attendees can participate without worrying about taking notes.  


Graduate credit is available through Baker University.  Workshop participants can receive one hour of graduate credit for attending “both” the October and January workshops.  One hour of graduate credit is also available for those attending the two day Orff-n-Running workshop in late July or August.


Kansas Orff Chapter Workshops
2022 - 2023

Orff and Running flyer 2022.jpg

Get Orff and Running into the new school year by "Playing with Movement!"

Clinician, Judith Thompson-Barthwell, will lead you through the magic of movement in the music classroom. Learn how to scaffold movement into everyday lessons and experiences while discovering ways to connect movement with a variety of concepts and topics. 

Judith Thompson-Barthwell is the 2021 AOSA  Distinguished Service Award Recipient. She is a retired music educator of 44 years. She taught general/vocal music, dance, and choir K-12. She has taught in many Orff courses in the U.S., and some in Europe. 2012 Michigan Music Educator of the Year, she has worked on the AOSA Teacher Education Curriculum Ad-Hoc Committee and the Diversity Sub-Committee. She is presently the Director of the Michigan Orff Collage for professional development. Check out this article by Judith, Why Creative Movement in Music Class.


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Process! What Process? - October 1, 2022

Imitate, Explore, Improvise. Learn distinct structures and strategies for developing your own lesson plans that feature creative choice.

As a host chapter for this years national conference, this workshop FREE to KOC Members. 


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Process to Performance - January 21, 2023
Guiding Students to Great Pieces

Have you ever seen an Orff ensemble and thought, "How'd they learn to play that?" We'll play and explore as we take process-based music to build the skills needed for performance-based music. Come learn several approaches to teaching advanced literature to your students in kid-friendly ways! 


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