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Sue McCormick Memorial Scholarship

The Sue McCormick Memorial Scholarship was set up by the Kansas Orff Chapter to help defray costs for a teacher to attend an AOSA Level Certification program. The Kansas Orff Chapter will award one $500 scholarship when Level 1 is offered, two $250 scholarships when Level 2 is offered, and two $250 scholarships when Level 3 is offered to help defray the cost of registration.

Sue McCormick was a member of the Kansas Orff Chapter who, through her work as a music educator and administrator, touched the lives of the students and teachers with whom she worked. Sue is no longer with us but through this scholarship we hope to keep her spirit alive in the Orff-Schulwerk community in Kansas.

Applications must be submitted by April 30.

* Those who receive scholarships are expected to come the day before the Level course to help set-up, stay after the Level course is finished to help tear-down and also help pick-up things at the end of the each day.

AOSA Conference Scholarship (Deadline August 20)

The Kansas Orff Chapter awards a scholarship each year to one of its members. This scholarship allows the member to attend the National AOSA Conference in November. A letter of application is due each August by the Saturday morning of the Orff-n-Running Workshop. This scholarship reimburses the recipient for a pre-registered convention. Hotel, transportation and incidentals are not included.


Applicant Criteria:

•must be a member of the Kansas Orff Chapter
•must not have previously attended a National AOSA Conference

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